You can believe in anything. It can be a cause or a dream. It can be in you or out there. Whatever it is, it's something bigger. And there are people believing in something bigger all over California.

Believe in something bigger started as a tagline for the California Lottery's first Powerball campaign. But we saw it as something bigger. We saw it as the start of a movement. It moved us to find different people in different places doing some pretty special things. Each of them has defied the odds, chased their dreams, and continues to do so daily. These are the kind of people who inspire us. Who move us forward. And right now, they've inspired us to share their stories with you.

Believe in something bigger

These are the stories of Californians who believe in the power of possibility. Who pursue their dreams. Who turn them into reality. And change lives along the way. Watch their videos. Be inspired. And share your story.

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“Here I am trying to be the fastest man in the world with no legs.”

– Blake Leeper, Track & Field Sprinter. San Diego, CA

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